Serena Williams: "Everything is leads by Bitcoin"

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Serena Williams: "Everything is leads by Bitcoin"

Serena Williams has signed a partnership with Block Inc's Cash App, thanks to which it will be possible to create financial access to Bitcoin, as announced by Jack Dorsey during the Bitcoin Conference 2022 in Miami. Serena said: "It is important to expand Bitcoin to women and people of color.

I like to look at it like that and decide, ok well, this is a super solid investment across all cryptocurrencies. And it's something we really wanted to lean on and that. There is a lot going on in the cryptocurrency world and of course, I think, everything is driven by Bitcoin."

Cash App also announced that it will launch three new Bitcoin-related services for its customers. The Get Paid in Bitcoin feature will allow users to automatically invest a percentage of their salary in BTC converted by the automated clearing houses.

Cash App's Bitcoin Roundups will allow users to round up their loose change and invest it in Bitcoin.

Serena Williams has had several postpartum problems

American champion, who gave birth to Olympia by caesarean section, had postpartum problems: "I thought: 'I've had so many operations, what does another matter? Being an athlete often means controlling your body, exercising her power, but also knowing when to give up."

The recovery process has been tough for Serena Williams. In 2010 she had suffered from blood clots in her lungs and had reviewed the ghosts of the past. However, thanks to the help of doctors, the 39-year-old American avoided further damage: "When I got home for the first time, I couldn't walk.

When I finally got to a tree in the middle of the driveway, everyone in my family would cheer me on and say: You're doing great! They carried the pain inside, but still everyone was acting like nothing had happened. My father was very encouraging and said, 'Look, you did it! I'm glad they didn't show me the evil of reality."