Serena Williams joins bid to buy English Premier League giant Chelsea F.C.

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Serena Williams joins bid to buy English Premier League giant Chelsea F.C.

23-time Grand Slam champion Serena Williams and Formula 1 superstar Lewis Hamilton have backed Sir Martin Broughton's bid to buy Chelsea, Sky reported. Chelsea is up for sale and the Broughton consortium is one of the three groups in the running to purchase the Premier League giant for £2.5bn.

Ex-Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich put up the club for sale even before he was sanctioned for his alleged links to Russian president Vladimir Putin. Since Abramovich was sanctioned, Chelsea has been operating under a special licence from the UK government.

Williams invested into a British sports venture

Just a few days ago, it was announced Williams had invested more than $1 million into OpenSponsorship. OpenSponsorship is a site that helps athletes finds sponsors. "I thought why is there not an efficient Airbnb-style company that helps sponsorship?" OpenSponsorship found Ishveen Jolly told The Mail on Sunday.

"We have a lot of athletes who are Olympians, but they want to be influencers as well. "We had a company retreat recently in Miami and Serena spoke to the whole team. "A big thing for her was championing the athletes who previously haven't had access to sponsorship.

"We're seeing a huge increase in coverage of women's sport, but sponsorship has lagged behind that." Williams, who got into the venture business nine years, recently said she loves when people doubts her on a tennis court or the venture business.

“Whether it's venture people saying that I shouldn't be doing it, or it's tennis when people said I'll never be good at it, I do think there's a part of me that always will enjoy proving people wrong,” Williams said.

“And sometimes you just need something to feed the fire, right? “I'm like, ‘Oh that's what I needed to hear. You're going to regret what you just said.’ But that's me, and growing up behind Venus, I had to have that personality”.