Serena Williams: Beyonce is a genius and an incredible inspiration

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Serena Williams: Beyonce is a genius and an incredible inspiration

23-time Grand Slam champion Serena Williams called singer Beyonce a genius and an inspiration. Williams, one of the greatest players in tennis history, absolutely enjoyed Beyonce's performance during the Oscars. Beyonce produced a song for the "Be Alive" movie, which was in nomination for the Oscars in the Best Original song category.

Beyonce recreated "Be Alive" in Compton, on the same courts where Serena and her sister Venus grew up. Williams absolutely loved seeing Beyonce perform on the same courts where she made her first tennis steps. "Beyonce is a genius.

I think she is, obviously, the most amazing person and performer ever and I really liked her idea behind it. Like to have the idea to come up and perform where we grew up," Williams said on the Ellen DeGeners Show, as quoted on Sportskeeda.

"Because I went back and I thought, 'Can I even begin to fathom having such a superstar come back and do that at those courts.' "

Williams: Beyonce provided so much inspiration for Compton kids

"It would have just made me want to go to practice every single day even more so.

She doesn't even understand [how many] people she has inspired and how she made us feel on a level I can't even begin to describe in words," Williams said. "It goes even beyond that, because she provided so much inspiration to so many little kids in Compton.

It was so great and such a wonderful performance." Also, Williams reflected on the legacy of King Richard. King Richard has received numerous positive reviews since its release and Will Smith - who portrayed Richard Williams in the movie - won the Best Actor at the Oscars.

"What I really like about the movie is that you know so much about us. Just as players and hoarding up trophies. But there is so much that goes into that everyday," Williams said. "It's so much hardwork and dedication from both my mom and dad.

It was so cool to see the process of how it all came together. It took a really long time but I was so proud. I think the film will live on for a really long time."

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