Tony Atlas: "Serena Williams? She is more muscular than Seth Rollins!"

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Tony Atlas: "Serena Williams? She is more muscular than Seth Rollins!"

Serena Williams should finally come back on the court at Wimbledon 2022. The American tennis star, who was present with ehr sister Venus at the Miami F1 GP, is out of the court since Wimbledon 2021 first round, when she got an injury who forced her to withdraw from the London Slam.

Now the moment of the come back on the court seems closer. Serena won 23 Slams, behind only Margaret Smith Court, ahead of her with 24 Slams, and a total of 73 WTA titles. Serena has completed the calendar Grand Slam, which consists of winning four consecutive Grand Slams not in the same calendar year, twice.

She has also won the WTA Finals 5 times and the gold medal won at the London Olympics in 2012 by beating Maria Sharapova. Williams has also won 16 Grand Slam tournaments in doubles and mixed doubles: 14 won with her older sister Venus and two in mixed doubles, both obtained with Maks Mirny in 1998.

To these successes must be added another three gold medals at the Olympics, all won together with Venus, a Federation Cup and two Hopman Cups.

Tony Atlas also compared Seth Rollins' musculature to Serena Williams

Tony Atlas former WWE wrestler also well known as Mr.

USA, talked about the comments made by The Undertaker, who said the WWE stars of '90 and '80, was more stronger the today wrestlers. During an interview for Boston Wrestling MWF, Atlas said: "It's a little hard for me because the product changes so much and it's a little ...

soft. I'm an elder and I think I could hit half of those guys. They're all idiots and cry for everything. " Later he also added: "Undertaker loves the business and has seen the business die with a bunch of guys.

Serena Williams is bigger and stronger looking than 90% of pro wrestlers. She's a tennis player, for God's sake. She has more muscle than Seth Rollins! Now, how can a tennis player be more muscular than a pro wrestler?" We recall that the Undertaker retired from wrestling last season.