Simona Halep: Some things Patrick Mouratoglou did with Serena Williams impressed me

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Simona Halep: Some things Patrick Mouratoglou did with Serena Williams impressed me

Romanian tennis star Simona Halep has a great level of admiration for her new coach Patrick Mouratoglou as she reveals she was always impressed by Mouratoglou's ability to keep Serena Williams motivated even after so many big wins.

Halep worked with coach Darren Cahill for a very long time, before the two split last season. Cahill was the coach that guided Halep to two Grand Slams and a world No. 1 ranking. Even though Halep and Cahill are no longer working together, Halep has a great level of respect for Cahill and speaks highly about him whever she gets asked about her former coach.

Before Indian Wells, Halep did a training block at the Mouratoglou Academy. There, she asked Mouratoglou to her full-time coach. After a conversation with Williams, Mouratoglou decided to accept Halep's offer.

Halep: Mouratoglou helped Williams reach her best

"He and my former coach, Darren Cahill, are different and I don’t want to make any comparisons between them.

I am also a different person now, so it is tough to compare, but both of them are great," Halep said on the Eurosport's Players' Voice. "Of course, I noticed specific things that Patrick did with Serena that impressed me.

"To keep a player motivated that had already won many Grand Slams and wanted to win even more is crazy good. So for that I always admired him; and now knowing him myself, I can imagine how he was with a player like that and how much motivation he brought her to help her to reach her very best."

After hiring Mouratoglou, Halep revealed her move was motivated by her desire to return to winning the biggest titles. Halep is a two-time Grand Slam champion as she hasn't had a victorious Grand Slam run since 2019 Wimbledon.

Halep captured her maiden Grand Slam title at the 2018 French Open and she is certainly hoping to make a deep run at Roland Garros this year.