Patrick McEnroe explains the difference between Iga Swiatek, Serena Williams

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Patrick McEnroe explains the difference between Iga Swiatek, Serena Williams

Patrick McEnroe reveals one of the first things he noticed when watching Iga Swiatek for the first time was the spin and pace with which the Pole plays. McEnroe said it reminded him of the great Serena Williams but added even the American wasn't playing with as much acceleration and topspin like Swiatek does.

"When I first saw her (Iga Swiatek) play a couple of years ago, I was like, I haven't seen any woman player hit with that much spin and pace," McEnroe said on the Holding Court With Patrick McEnroe podcast, per Sportskeeda ."

Serena did it all, but Serena didn't play with anywhere near the sort of topspin and acceleration of the racket that this woman plays with."

McEnroe: Swiatek the absolute favorite for the French Open

Swiatek has won her last 28 matches and she hasn't lost a match since mid-February.

Swiatek has been absolutely dominant over the last three months and McEnroe says he will be shocked if the Pole somehow doesn't win the French Open. "Ashleigh Barty was a pretty solid favorite going into the Australian Open.

There were times when Serena (Williams), in her prime, was a huge favorite at Wimbledon and The Open. I can't remember a time, in recent memory, when someone goes into a major this heavy a favorite (as Iga Swiatek) on the women's side...It's hard to imagine anybody beating her at the French Open," McEnroe siad.

The fact that Swiatek has won 28 consecutive match is an impressive stat but what stands out is the fact that she has been so dominant, mostly winning in straight with just a few games lost. "I think I tweeted about it a month ago...I don't know how anyone's going to win a set again.

How can anybody beat this woman on clay. Very few female players in history have been able to get that kind of movement on the ball. Iga Swiatek gets it on every shot, and the backhand too. It's just remarkable - the speed of racket that she generates...She's a remarkable athlete," McEnroe noted.