Mats Wilander on biggest role models: Serena & Venus Williams, Maria Sharapova

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Mats Wilander on biggest role models: Serena & Venus Williams, Maria Sharapova

Former world No. 1 Mats Wilander has named Serena Williams, Venus Williams and Maria Sharapova as the biggest role models of the current generation of tennis players. The Williams sisters and Sharapova have left a big mark in tennis history and their impact goes beyond tennis courts.

"I think the biggest role models over the years in this generation is Serena, Venus Williams and then you get Maria Sharapova," Wilander said on Eurosport, per Sportskeeda. "I think Maria Sharapova is the most probably the biggest role model for younger players because a lot of players have taken to a lot of things that she used to do which was turn around her fiddle with her strings and then she'd turn around and then she'd be back in action again."

Wilander: Iga Swiatek, Simona Halep are great role models too

Swiatek has won her last 30 matches and she is the new face of the women's game. Swiatek has a stunning talent for the game and she is also known as a very kind and introverted person, making her a perfect role models for kids.

"She's (Swiatek) very nice in the interviews and then she just turns into a lion or a lioness, I say, on the court," Wilander said. Also, Wilander thinks 30-year-old Halep has done a lot of positive throughout her career.

"Simona Halep has been the unbelievable role model over the years because she really cares and she has sort of learned how to deal with her emotions and she's using the emotional part to her advantage. So, I love Simona Halep," he said.

Reflecting on the previous generation, Wilander named Steffi Graff and Monica Seles. "Steffi Graf comes along and then Monica Seles, I mean the same thing again. Very emotional, Monica Seles, and very fired up and then Steffi, very calm, never really showed anything. So, the women they've always had have great role models in terms of their behaviour," Wilander added.