Iga Swiatek: In tennis, it's pretty hard after Serena Williams' career

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Iga Swiatek: In tennis, it's pretty hard after Serena Williams' career

World No. 1 Iga Swiatek enjoyed a memorable weekend at Roland Garros as she defeated Cori Gauff to win her second Grand Slam and also clinch her 35th consecutive win. In the French Open final, Swiatek routinely handled Gauff 6-1 6-3 for her 35th consecutive win.

In 2013, 23-time Grand Slam champion Williams won 34 matches in a row. Nine years later, Swiatek beat that record. "I think honestly, it may seem pretty weird, but having that 35th win and kind of doing something more than Serena did, it's something special," Swiatek said, per Sportskeeda.

"Because I always wanted to be, I don't know, to have some kind of a record. In tennis, it's pretty hard after Serena Williams' career."

Swiatek beats Serena Williams' record, matches Venus Williams' record

In 2000, Venus Williams earned 35 consecutive wins.

Venus Williams owns the record for the most consecutive wins on the women's side in the 21st century. Swiatek is now just a win away from beating Venus Williams' stunning record from 2000. "So basically that really hit me, you know.

Obviously winning a Grand Slam too, but this one was pretty special because I felt like I've done something that nobody ever done, and maybe it's gonna be even more," Swiatek added, "Yeah, this one was special."

In 2020, Swiatek lifted her maiden Grand Slam title at the French Open. Two years later, Swiatek returned to Roland Garros and earned her second Grand Slam victory. "I liked [the 2020 French Open title win] more, for sure.

It was kind of easier to focus, because with the empty, almost-empty stadium, you hear your every thought basically," Swiatek said. "Here you can actually lean on the audience, and maybe sometimes if you're a little bit stressed, just let yourself hear all these things and then you're not hearing your own thoughts. So that's pretty nice. I tried to use it that way sometimes."