Kim Clijsters builds her perfect player: Mentions Serena Williams, Iga Swiatek...

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Kim Clijsters builds her perfect player: Mentions Serena Williams, Iga Swiatek...

Former world No. 1 Kim Clijsters was asked to create her perfect player and she mentioned Serena Williams and several other great champions while doing so. When asked about the serve, Clijsters said her perfect player would have Williams' serve.

"Serena's," Clijsters said on the US Open podcast, per Sportskeeda. After selecting Williams' serve, Clijsters picked up her return. "Maybe I'll take mine. That's maybe the one. I just trusted my instinct of reading my opponent's serve, which is something I felt very comfortable with.

So let me just keep that confidence in that shot," Clijsters said. When it comes to forehand, Clijsters named Ashleigh Barty. "I mean Ashleigh Barty, to me, comes close to the perfect tennis player," Clijsters said.

"Let me just go, maybe back a generation and I'm going to go with Steffi's forehand because in my childhood, that was like the shot that I wanted to hit. I wanted to have the footwork to run around. So I'm going to use Steffi's forehand."

Clijsters also mentioned Iga Swiatek, Justine Henin, Martina Navratilova

"Maybe Justine's one-hander, I think it would just be really fun to rip like a one-handed backhand cross court," Clijsters said, when asked about whose backhand she would take.

When it comes to volleys, Clijsters mentioned former nine-time Wimbledon champion Navratilova. "I played legends and I played doubles against Navratilova. I mean, she was already older when I played her and was still incredible.

I will pick Martina's volleys," Clijsters said. Clijsters concluded by adding the mental toughness of Iga Swiatek to her perfect player. Swiatek has won her last 35 matches and she has been absolutely dominant over the last four months.

"I think I'm going to take, just to have like a current player, I'm going to take Iga," Clijsters remarked. "Yeah just with what she's been doing, for the last year, especially recently. Just the mental aspect of her improving her game to where it is now and how much dedication and how much passion and motivaton and everything that takes, and mental strength that takes. She just has it together there right? And yes, I'll take that part of her."