Venus Williams shares her thoughts on King Richard

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Venus Williams shares her thoughts on King Richard

Seven-time Grand Slam champion Venus Williams revealed there were projects she was part of that she didn't like but that definitely wasn't the case with King Richard. King Richard, a biopic about Richard Williams and his efforts to make Venus and Serena Williams great champions, has received great reviews and Will Smith, who played the role of Richard Williams in the movie, won the award at the Oscars for the Best Actor.

"People ask me [if I liked 'King Richard'] and I'm like, 'Yes!' I have to be honest. There have been times where people have had films or projects about themselves or books or whatever it may be that they didn't like, so I'm happy to say I love the film," Williams said in a video uploaded on her YouTube channel, as quoted on Sportskeeda.

"That's a really special moment. There's something that's probably going to be around forever that you actually like."

Williams: I didn't like some projects but I did like King Richard

"I think there's also been projects I've been a part of, I'm not going to mention any names, that I didn't like and I decided to never watch.

So yes, it's amazing to be a part of a project that you really like," Williams said. "I think what made it special obviously were the performances by the actors and actresses." Reflecting on the film set, Williams said it felt like all of them were a one great family.

"What was really interesting is that all the actors and the whole cast, they were like family on set. So our family became like their family, like when they were on set and they were like sisters and moms and dads and all those things like it was actually real life," Williams said.

"We just had such a great time, like playing games honestly and telling stories and just being together." While reading the film script, Williams perfectly remembered some of the scenes that happened to her in real life.

"I remember reading the script and I started laughing and there were moments where I got like teary. I was like, "I know exactly what happened because i was there when these things happened in my life and still i am laughing and i'm getting like emotional."

That's when i knew that this could be an amazing project and a great film and i knew it was the real deal," Williams said.