Garbage lead singer pays tribute to Serena Williams, Venus Williams

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Garbage lead singer pays tribute to Serena Williams, Venus Williams

Garbage lead singer Shirley Manson dropped some big words about Serena and Venus Williams, calling their achievements "legendary." Manson's band "Garbage" performed in Palm Beach last week and Manson had a chance to meet Venus Williams, who is a fan of the band.

Manson was thrilled to have a chance to meet Venus Williams and she later posted a selfie on Instagram with a long caption. "I had no idea I would ever live to witness the brilliance, the sheer power and dominant athleticism of the Williams Sisters.

Their achievements in the sporting field are of course legendary. They have changed everything. For all of us. Forever. Last night I couldn’t have been in more awe. Nor could I adequately express my gratitude. For all that work.

For the mental and physical toughness. For the power, the pain, the courage , the humility and the grace. I was literally awestruck. What a night. Special love and thanks to Roland and Curt from @tearsforfearsmusic who tolerated my fan girl-ing with astonishing generosity.

Finally thank you @venuswilliams for loving on our band. When you dropped the Strange Little Birds reference: our weirdest and most obtuse record to date - I was utterly flabbergasted.

Venus Williams on King Richard

We are in the sixth month of the 2022 season and we have yet to see the Williams sisters in action this year.

While some fear the Williams sisters are done with tennis, Venus shared her thoughts on King Richard, which described the beginnings of her and her sister Serena. "People ask me [if I liked 'King Richard'] and I'm like, 'Yes!' I have to be honest.

There have been times where people have had films or projects about themselves or books or whatever it may be that they didn't like, so I'm happy to say I love the film," Williams said in a video uploaded on her YouTube channel.

"That's a really special moment. There's something that's probably going to be around forever that you actually like."