Venus Williams: No, I'm not playing at Wimbledon, but I hope having Serena helps

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Venus Williams: No, I'm not playing at Wimbledon, but I hope having Serena helps

Seven-time Grand Slam champion Venus Williams has officially confirmed she won't be participating at Wimbledon this year. On Tuesday, Serena Williams revealed her plans to compete at Wimbledon. Tennis fans reached out to Venus Williams on Instagram, asking her if she would compete at The Championships.

"No I'm not playing but I'll be watching, I'll be watching Serena," Venus Williams said on Instagram. Serena Williams is set to return after being sidelined since 2021 Wimbledon, while Venus Williams hasn't played since August.

"Thank you so much, I've been getting a lot of encouraging messages like this and I hope though that Serena playing at Wimbledon will help you with your Williams fix," Venus Williams said.

Venus Williams happy her sister Serena revealed her plans

Venus Williams was aware of her sister's plans for a long time, but it was a secret so she had to keep quiet about it.

"I've been keeping the secret for a long time and I'm just glad it's out," Venus Williams said. "People say I've heard and you say I don't know, you feel like you are lying, lead me out of this.

She hasn't played in a year, I haven't played any year. It's going to be great to see her back in action. She's quite formidable." The Williams sisters are one of the greatest players in tennis history and true all-time greats.

Serena Williams is a 23-time Grand Slam champion, but for Venus Williams, it has never been easy watching her sister in Grand Slam finals. "Nerve-racking. There will be times when I want to sleep through her final so I can just wake up because I'm nervous," Venus Williams said.

"I will wake up anyway and I'm checking the scores, freaking out, all kinds of things. I don't know why I can't get used to it because my hopes and dreams are with her, too, you know?"