Harmony Tan's coach: Serena Williams can't be at top level, we are going for win

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Harmony Tan's coach: Serena Williams can't be at top level, we are going for win

Coach Sam Sumyk says he has no regrets over Harmony Tan drawing Serena Williams in the Wimbledon first round as he is hoping for one of those magical stories. Tan, 24, is set for her Wimbledon debut and she will be going head-to-head with Williams for the first time when they meet in the first round.

Sumyk admits 113th-ranked Tan will be a bit anxious but adds there will also be lots of excitement as it would be quite a story if the 24-year-old pulled off a victory over seven-time Wimbledon champion Williams. "On the contrary, I think it’s fantastic to play this kind of match.

Playing Serena at Wimbledon is a very rewarding experience, which should be part of a player’s baggage. A lot of people never get that chance. Harmony will. And it’s great to have her before Serena retires. Anyway, there’s no right or wrong draw.

There’s a draw, full stop," Sumyk told Tennis Majors. "Of course, Harmony will be a bit anxious, but that’s normal and even welcome. I hope there will be some excitement too, not just anxiety. I mean, it’s her first Wimbledon, she’s going to play on a big court, against Serena Williams: it’s magical, isn’t it?"

Sumyk: Tan is going for a victory over Williams

Williams, 40, hasn't played a singles match since retiring her Wimbledon first round match 12 months ago.

Williams is a 23-time Grand Slam champion and one of the greatest champions in tennis history but Sumyk underlines it is impossible to play great right from the jump after such a lengthy absence. "She can’t be at the top level.

She can’t be. That doesn’t mean she won’t play well. But it’s not possible for her to be at her best on the first ball she hits in singles for a year. After that, it’s still Serena. We know her serve, which can help her on grass.

So Harmony is going to be doing a lot of return serves between now and Monday (laughs(," Sumyik explained. Williams is the favorite but Tan will not go down without a fight. "We’re not just going there with a smile on our faces and the satisfaction of being there. Hey, we’re going there to beat Serena, after all!" Sumyk concluded.