Serena Williams: Rafael Nadal is very inspiring, I'm always rooting for him


Serena Williams: Rafael Nadal is very inspiring, I'm always rooting for him

23-time Grand Slam champion Serena Williams reveals she has always been a Rafael Nadal fan and added it's inspiring to see what the Spaniard has been able to do this year. The past year hasn't been easy for Nadal health-wise but still he has managed to win the opening two Grand Slams of the season.

Williams, who retired injured her Wimbledon first round match a year ago, is now set to return to action at Wimbledon and she is certainly hoping to have her own dream comeback to tennis. “He’s (Nadal) done a lot in 2022.

He’s been busy. I’ve always been a Rafa fan, so obviously I’m always rooting for Rafa. He’s been really inspiring in everything that he’s done this year. And he has a lot more to do," Williams said.

Williams: I took my time to heal

At Wimbledon, Williams sustained a hamstring injury and then spent the next 12 months sidelined. "I felt like last year was tough. I felt like I was injured for most of the year. Then I ripped my hamstring.

That was tough. I don't think anyone ever wants to do that. So in general the whole experience was rough. Then from there I still tried to make New York. I gave everything I could, just every day getting ready or trying to make it.

But then it's just like, I'm not going to make it. Hung up my racquets for a little bit until I could just heal." Nobody really knew what would be Williams' next step. Williams hinted several times she was planning to return but it was nothing definitive.

Then two weeks before the start of Wimbledon, Williams put an end to all the rumors regarding her future when she revealed her plans to compete at Wimbledon. Reflecting on being out for 12 months, Williams stated that she never retired. "I didn't retire," Williams said. "I just needed to heal physically, mentally."

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