Venus Williams recalls when she beat her father on tennis court as eight-year-old

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Venus Williams recalls when she beat her father on tennis court as eight-year-old

Venus Williams shared many great moments with her father Richard Williams but one of the memories that stands out is beating him when she was just eighth years old. In the latest blog uploaded on her YouTube channel, Williams gave credit to her parents for giving their absolute best to support her and her sister Serena Williams.

Reflecting on the sacrifices her parents made, Williams said she will always be grateful for the efforts they put up in order to help her achieve her tennis goals. While speaking about the efforts her parents put up, Williams told a funny story about how she once beat her father - who at the time was her coach.

Williams: I beat my dad but it probably didn't make him happy

"Yeah, I think one of my best moments growing up with my dad, and this probably didn't make him happy, so it's probably not a great way to show your parents love or respect, but I beat him," Williams said with a laugh in a video uploaded on her YouTube channel, per Sportskeeda, "I was like eight years old and I remember specifically we were at this park that we called, maybe it was the duck park or was it the bridge park, we just like called it by like it was like the tetherball park or that had a ball.

Anyway we're at this park and it was night, the lights are on we're always practicing late and I beat my dad. The rule was if I beat him I could play a tournament but he didn't let me for a year so yeah I had to wait.

But I was always asking it's like I want to play I want to play so that was like a pretty cool memory." Meanwhile, Williams played her first tournament of the season at Wimbledon. After being out since August, Williams asked Wimbledon for a late mixed doubles wildcard.

Wimbledon gladly accepted Williams' request and handed her and Jamie Murray a mixed doubles wildcard. Williams and Murray won their mixed doubles opener, before losing to Alicia Barnett and Jamie Murray in the last-16.