Venus Williams answers whether she would be open to having kids in future

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Venus Williams answers whether she would be open to having kids in future

Seven-time Grand Slam champion Venus Williams isn't ruling out the possibility of becoming a mom in the future. Williams, who turned 42 last month, underlined that being a parent requires sacrifice but she believes she would be "totally dialed in" if she ever became a mother.

"There's so much sacrifice, it's gonna be hard. But I know that if that happened, I would totally be dialed in, completely dialed in. I've had so much fun living your life for yourself so I have ways to go still," Williams said in a video uploaded on her YouTube channel.

Williams jokes she's the best gift to her parents

Williams suggested that her parents aren't really into materialistic stuff and that she's the best gift they could have ever gotten. "This is a big one, me, I'm cool.

I am self-proclaimed as cool. Nothing's worse than people who like to self-proclaim, right? It's like you know I'm smart, I'm like confident or whatever it is. I run into people who do that and then I literally will ask them," Williams added.

But just try it. I think in itself like being a kid for your parents is the best gift, so I don't think I could give them anything outside of honestly what they gave me. They gave me life so then I get to be alive and then be a gift to them, so it's like circular in a way because you know you can't say, 'Oh a house or a car or whatever.'

My parents don't really care about that kind of stuff." Williams has a great level of respect and admiration for her parents as many times she has spoken about how grateful she is for the sacrifices they made to support her and her sister Serena Williams.

Now, Williams is recognized as one of the greatest players in tennis history and safe to say her career has been a major success.