Serena Williams and Olympia take on Times Square as superheroes

Tennis - Alexis Ohanian: "I gave my girls a superhero treatment."

by Claudiu Pop
Serena Williams and Olympia take on Times Square as superheroes

At husband Alexis Ohanian's will, Serena Williams and her daughter Olympia got transformed into superheroes in an artwork for the NFT world that was displayed on a Times Square billboard. Comic artist Amanda Conner designed the NFT.

According to her bio, "Eisner Award-winner Amanda Conner has been illustrating top titles for companies like DC and Marvel for over twenty years. She is well known for her success on DC's HARLEY QUINN title that served as a perfect conduit for her campy and infectious style.

During her 100+ issue run, the book became the top best-selling female title for DC. Her modifications to the character and costume made HARLEY QUINN one of the biggest licensed characters for Warner Brothers and have contributed to an animated series along with the Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey movies."

Serena Williams already entered the NFT space

The American tennis champion has formally joined the board of Sorare, a blockchain-based French fantasy soccer firm that recently closed a 680 million loan.
"NFTs have the potential to be the tool that will bring equity and investment into women's sports.

I am thrilled to start working alongside Nicolas Julia and the entire Sorare team, because they understand the relationship between athletes and fans like no other in the industry, and I believe Sorare will set the culture and tone of the future of sports entertainment." Nicolas Julia, CEO of Sorare, added: "Serena is one of the most important figures in sport and culture, who has redefined the figure of the athlete and the modern entrepreneur, also thanks to the unprecedented success of her investments in several new realities.
The strategic advice Serena will bring in building one of the most iconic sports entertainment brands is invaluable. I am thrilled to have her on the team."

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