Wimbledon junior champion Angella Okutoyi dreams of beating Serena Williams

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Wimbledon junior champion Angella Okutoyi dreams of beating Serena Williams

2022 Wimbledon girls' doubles champion Angella Okutoyi reveals her dream is to play against and beat 23-time Grand Slam champion Serena Williams. Okutoyi, 18, has already made tennis history as she became the first Kenyan player to win a Grand Slam.

This past Wimbledon, Okutoyi and Netherland's Marie Nijkamp won the girls' Wimbledon doubles title. “My dream is to play against Serena Williams and beat her," Okutoyi told Citizen TV Kenya, per Sportskeeda.

Okutoyi came from a long way and she is hoping her Wimbledon success inspires other Kenyan and African children to play tennis. "I believe with this win, it's going to inspire more young kids now in Kenya and give them the belief that they can also do it because I did not come from a good background but I have made it," Okutoyi said.

"Most players in Kenya tennis are not well off and they may be able to come out of that background and achieve it. I am a good example to them that nothing is impossible."

Okutoyi was raised by her grandmother

Unfortunately, Okutoyi grew up without her mother as it was her grandmother that took her and her twin sister.

"My biological mum passed away when giving birth to me and my twin sister. So, we were in an orphanage and we were lucky enough that our grandmother came to take us from the orphanage minutes before we were adopted. So, she really rushed to pick us and i am really grateful to her."

Okutoyi didn't really have much while growing up and now she is super grateful for being in the position she is now. "There were times when we didn't eat. The last meal was supper and maybe that supper would be water.

I mean we survived and thank God that I am here now and I am really grateful to my grandmother and my uncle for all the sacrifices," Okutoyi said.