Serena Williams' childhood coach confident American can win Grand Slam again

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Serena Williams' childhood coach confident American can win Grand Slam again

Serena Williams' childhood coach Rick Macci says the American can win a Grand Slam again if that's her goal. Williams, 40, was out for 12 months before making a surprise appearance at Wimbledon. In her first singles match in 12 months, Williams suffered a three-set loss as she was beaten by Harmony Tan in the Wimbledon first round.

"If she wants to do it, she has to fully commit and get in amazing shape," Macci told Tennis-Infinity. "You don't lose the talent, you just lose the fitness. Then you get the confidence back once you start playing matches.

She just has to dive in get used to winning and losing. She's probably the best competitor maybe in any women's sport we've ever seen. Serena is like a pitbull when she gets a hold of you she doesn't let go. She's a brutal competitor and she has that serve.

She can hit fifteen aces a match still. If she wants to do this and really go after it, I have no doubt that she can do it because you never underestimate a heart of a champion."

Macci: Williams can even return to the top spot

Since Williams was out for 12 months and no points were rewarded to this year's Wimbledon participants, she has no ranking at the moment.

Williams has spent 319 weeks at the top spot and that's the third best record in the WTA history. "This young lady was wired different at ten years old when i saw her. Just the way she's put together. I know she has other priorities in her life, she's a mother now.

But if she wants to do this, one hundred percent, she can come back. And I think she could not only win Grand Slam, she could be number one if she wanted to but that's a question only she can answer," Macci added. Williams is expected to compete at WTA1000 events in Montreal and Cincinnati, before finishing her US summer at the US Open.