'Serena Williams could retire in the same way that...', says top analyst

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'Serena Williams could retire in the same way that...', says top analyst

Through an article published in 'Vogue', Serena Williams announced the imminent end of her career. Without indicating a precise date, the American legend has made it clear that she will greet the world of tennis at the next US Open.

Barring a sensational and unlikely backlash in New York, the 23-time Grand Slam champion won't be able to match Margaret Court's all-time record. That announcement was not exactly a bolt from the blue, considering that the former WTA number 1 has played very little in the last two seasons.

Last year, Serena played just six official tournaments and never set foot on the pitch since her injury at Wimbledon. In 2022, Williams played only two matches in singles and seemed a long way from the glories of the past. In addition to collecting 23 majors, Serena spent 319 weeks at the top of the world rankings and grossed a whopping $ 95 million in prize money.

To the microphones of 'Sky Sports News', Greg Rusedski paid tribute to one of the greatest athletes ever.

Rusedski on Serena Williams

“No question about it, Serena Williams is the greatest male or female tennis player at the moment.

She has the most majors in the Open Era, you’ve got to look at the depth of the game and the generation she’s gone through as well,” former British No 1 Greg Rusedski told Sky Sports News. “Maybe she doesn’t have the record of 24, but what she’s accomplished as well as her back story to achieve what she’s achieved.

No question about it. She is a complete athlete. She’s box office. She’s carried women’s tennis for the last two decades with her sister Venus as well, you’ve obviously had other great players around them, but she brings your non-tennis fan to the sport.

If you know absolutely nothing about tennis, you know the name Serena Williams. She’s iconic and we’re losing an icon of our sport and she will be truly, truly missed”. Although Williams has struggled with injury and form, Rusedski believes she could end her career on a higher at Flushing Meadows.

“You can’t go on forever, I mean you’ve got to think about it, the first Slam that she won was in 1999 which is 23 years ago. That’s an incredibly long career and it is impressive,” he added. “Never discount a great champion.

The players are starting to beat her because she hasn’t had enough tennis but she’s got the greatest serve of all time in the women’s game, no question about that. If she catches a h*t streak, she could retire in the same way that Pete Sampras did by winning his last major he ever played in, which was the US Open in 2002. So, don’t discount Serena or great champions at their peril."