Grigor Dimitrov shares message to good friend Serena Williams after retirement news

Dimitrov is good friends with Serena and Venus Williams.

by Dzevad Mesic
Grigor Dimitrov shares message to good friend Serena Williams after retirement news

Grigor Dimitrov told Serena Williams he is proud of everything she has achieved and continues to do every day. On Tuesday, 23-time Grand Slam champion Williams revealed she is planning to retire from tennis at the US Open.

Williams is widely considered as one of the greatest players in tennis history. Besides being one of the greatest player in tennis history, Williams is also known for empowering women and establishing herself in the entrepreneurship world.

Williams has always considered herself more than just an athlete and Dimitrov seemingly agrees with that. "Proud of you Serena Williams for all you've done and continue to do," Dimitrov wrote on social media.

Dimitrov and Williams are good friends

Dimitrov has a very good relationship with Serena and Venus Williams. In a recent social media post, Venus named Serena and Dimitrov as two of the three players she would invite to her house for a dinner.

Venus hasn't yet announced when she plans to retire but the expectation is that the seven-time Grand Slam will also soon be walking away from the game. In her piece for Vogue, Serena admitted that even though she's 40, she was not ready to simply announce retirement and be at peace.

"I've been reluctant to admit to myself or anyone else that I have to move on from playing tennis," Williams told Vogue. "Alexis [Ohanian], my husband, and I have hardly talked about it; it's like a taboo topic. I can't even have this conversation with my mom and dad.

It's like it's not real until you say it out loud. It comes up, I get an uncomfortable lump in my throat, and I start to cry. The only person I've really gone there with is my therapist! One thing I'm not going to do is sugarcoat this.

I know that a lot of people are excited about and look forward to retiring, and I really wish I felt that way."

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