Serena Williams receives special from her childhood coach

Williams set to retire from tennis at this year’s US Open.

by Dzevad Mesic
Serena Williams receives special from her childhood coach

Rick Macci says he is happy that Serena Williams is going out “on her terms” and added that he thinks the 23-time Grand Slam champion will “go out with a bang”. This week, Williams revealed her plans to retire at this year’s US Open.

Macci was Williams’ childhood coach. “It doesn't surprise me," Macci told TMZ Sports.
“Listen, she's doing this on her terms. She has a lot of things going on. I'm just happy for her because she's making the decision and she's doing it on her terms.

It's not an injury, she's not hanging on too long or anything like that, but what I really like it's gonna end at the US Open. That's where she won her first Grand Slam and people in New York love it. I think it's gonna be a must-see TV and knowing Serena, she's gonna go out with a bang”.

Macci’s special message to Williams

“You're doing it on your terms. Most of all, you're happy and that's the most important thing,” Macci added. "You've influenced so many people's lives, you have no idea.

Not just people playing tennis and to me, I think your greatest act is yet to come." Williams has 23 Grand Slams, the second-most in WTA history. Williams is set to go down as one of the greatest players in tennis history but she is not only recognized as a great athlete.

After Williams retires, she plans to focus on family and business. In her piece for Vogue, Williams described her upcoming situation as “evolving away from tennis”. Williams will soon be done with her professional tennis but that is not the end for her as she wants to further establish herself in business.

Williams will also play at next week’s WTA 1000 event in Cincinnati. In the Cincinnati first round, Williams plays Emma Raducanu.

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