John McEnroe: "Serena Williams is like Michael Jordan and Tom Brady"

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John McEnroe: "Serena Williams is like Michael Jordan and Tom Brady"

American tennis legend John McEnroe said Serena Williams deserved to go out the way she wanted and added that the 23-time Grand Slam champion is among the greatest women players in American sports history. On Tuesday, Williams revealed her intention to retire from tennis after this year's US Open.

Serena is considered one of the greatest players this sport has ever seen in history. John McEnroe believes that the US champion is to tennis like Michael Jordan and LeBron James to basketball or Tom Brady to American football.

McEnroe: "Williams one of the greatest athletes in history"

John explained: "She should do what she wants her to do. She is an icon. Her place in American society has come to a point where she deserves it after everything she has accomplished, everything she has done.

I don't know if she wants to play again, I don't think she needs to play again. She is on the same level as Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Tom Brady. She is one of the greatest female athletes of all time in the history of any sport, male or female.

She seems like a great place in her life. Her sum was very high. Anyone who has seen the film, King Richard, understands where she came from and where she is now is incredible, so she can spend the rest of her life saying, Not bad, huh?" Serena Williams' retirement from tennis at the end of her journey to the next US Open was the expected scenario.

When the American announced her decision to return to action at Wimbledon, the general feeling was that she was preparing to say goodbye to tennis after the American Grand Slam. And as it turned out, Williams confirmed this week's intention to end her pro career in front of her fans at the US Open.

In 1999, Serena Williams became Grand Slam champion by triumphing in Flushing Meadows. Since then, the American tennis player has won six more singles titles at the US Open.