Iga Swiatek: I want to say 'Hi' to Serena Williams but I'm shy

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Iga Swiatek: I want to say 'Hi' to Serena Williams but I'm shy

World No. 1 Iga Swiatek says she would like to chat with Serena Williams but admits she is shy and that's making it tough for her to approach the 23-time Grand Slam champion and say a simple 'hi.' Swiatek hasn't really had much of a chance to approach Williams since the American was out for a year before returning to action at Wimbledon.

When Swiatek sees Williams, she admits she "kind of forgets" that she is the top-ranked player in the world. Also, Swiatek said she feels like "a kid from kindergarten" by just looking at Williams. "The thing is that I have a hard time catching eye contact with Serena," Swiatek said, per Ben Rothenberg.

"And I wanted to say 'Hi' a few times. But it is tough because she always has so many people around her and I'm pretty shy. And when I look at her, I suddenly kind of forget that I'm here as the world No.

1. I see Serena and it's, 'Wow, Serena,' you know? And I feel like I'm a kid from a kindergarten just looking at her. So it's tough. I haven't talked to her but I'm just trying to say 'Hi.' "

Swiatek would like to play Williams

Last week in Toronto, Williams revealed her plans to retire from tennis at this year's US Open.

Williams has two more tournaments left on her schedule as she is also competing at this week's WTA 1000 event in Cincinnati. Swiatek acknowledged that Williams has done some pretty impressive things in her career. "Pretty sad I wasn't able to play against her.

Maybe I'll have the chance," Swiatek said. "Being able to do business and tennis at the same time, but also be a mother and do four Slam finals, is amazing. I'd be happy to have that belief that maybe I can do that."