Serena Williams tells Selena Gomez how she keeps mentally fit

Tennis – Serena Williams explained the famous singer how she shuts herself off.

by Claudiu Pop
Serena Williams tells Selena Gomez how she keeps mentally fit

In a special Wondermind interview, tennis icon Serena Williams told famous singer Selena Gomez what does mental fitness means for her. “I recently had the pleasure of speaking to Serena Williams about what mental fitness looks like for her,” Selena Gomez wrote on Instagram.

Here is Serena Williams take on mental fitness: “Mental fitness for me is just really learning to shut down. I did this years ago before mental health was like a topic among everyone’s mind, it was more just like, alright, I’m shutting myself down today.

Just subconsciously it was something I’ve always done. And so now, now that I know that it’s so important to just put yourself first, especially mentally, I always have shut down moments. I have serious boundaries.

And I don’t let anyone cross those boundaries, with time, because for me it’s so important to make sure every day I have like a period of like – and it’s so bad because I don’t really do anything for me, and I’m terrible at that.

And I’ve said it time and time again, I’m working on it! But more or less like, at least prioritizing what I need to do, and then when I’m turned off, I’m turned off,” said Serena Williams.

According to Selena Gomez, the full interview will be available on the official Wondermind site.

Prince Harry is Serena Williams’ mental coach

Serena Williams, a great friend of Prince Harry and his wife, actress Meghan Markle, who was also present at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan, during the virtual event organized by the company BetterUP, said: "Prince Harry he is my mental coach, we talk for hours every time we meet. He always solves my problems in life”.

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