'I think Serena Williams' been amazing for tennis', says former Top 10

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'I think Serena Williams' been amazing for tennis', says former Top 10

Through an article published in 'Vogue', Serena Williams announced her imminent retirement from tennis. The American legend, who won her first major in 1999, wants to spend more time with her family and focus on other projects.

Despite not having indicated a precise date, the former WTA number 1 has hinted that the US Open 2022 will be her last tournament as a professional. Barring a sensational backlash in New York, Williams will not be able to match Margaret Court's record of 24 Slams.

Serena has played very little in the last two seasons and seemed very far from the glories of the past. “It's never easy to leave something you love madly. I love tennis, but it's time to take a different direction. I will enjoy these last few weeks on the pitch and then a new chapter of my life will begin ”- wrote the 23-time Grand Slam champion on Instagram.

At a press conference during the Cincinnati tournament, Stan Wawrinka was asked to comment on the news of Serena's retirement.

Wawrinka pays tribute to Serena

Stan Wawrinka always has a sense of humor, and during his press conferences, you have to be attentive because he occasionally launches messages that you have to know how to decipher.

That's what he did yesterday about Serena Williams. "I think she's been amazing for tennis, for the fans, for anyone who's a bit involved in the sport in general. I've always been a huge fan, with many great moments in our careers, and of course it will be sad to see her go after the US Open.

I remember that in 2015, we both won at Roland‐Garros. She crashed into my night. It was quite fun." Williams in a 2013 interview with Stephen Rodrick spoke about how disappointing it is that she has never been on SNL.

She while riding his car said, “Can you believe I’ve never been asked to host Saturday Night Live?” Thereafter she claimed “And I’m funny. Ask my friends”. Well, Rodrick didn’t feel the need to ask her friends, and she gave a live demonstration of her easy-going, humorous and worthy self.

As when he by mistake turned into oncoming traffic and almost risked Williams’ life. All she had to say was, “Attention, attention!” Now she is gearing up for the WTA 1000 event in Cincinnati that will eventually bring her to the last Grand Slam of this year as well as her career.

The six-time US Open champion will square off with the young blood Emma Raducanu in the first round of the tournament.