Andy Murray reacts to Serena Williams retiring at US Open

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Andy Murray reacts to Serena Williams retiring at US Open

Andy Murray says Serena Williams ending her career is definitely a sad moment for tennis but adds he is hoping the American and her stunning career ger celebrated properly in the upcoming weeks. Williams, a 23-time Grand Slam champion, has only one tournament left to play in her career.

Following a Cincinnati first round loss to Emma Raducanu, Williams turns her focus onto the US Open, where she is set to play the final tournament of her career. "Yeah, it's obviously sad, but then, you know, it happens to all players at some stage.

You know, she's not played that much the last few years. So it's been coming," Murray said, per Musab Abid. "But when you hear the news, it's always, yeah, sad when one of the great players - because I think, as well, like they don't seem normal, those players, so you kind of expect them to be able to go on forever.

So when they stop it's obviously a sad day. Hopefully the next 10 days to two, three weeks, whatever it is, you know that her career is really well-celebrated and you don't want it to neccessarily be a sad moment, like it's probably a time to celebrate her career and everything that she's done for the sport, because it's immense."

Murray hails greatness of Williams

Williams has always considered herself as more than an athlete and the impact she has on and off the courts has been massive.

Murray acknowledged Williams' greatness and added she and her accomplishments deserve to be celebrated. "I don't know how many other players have had that sort of impact maybe on the game. Maybe Billie Jean King arguably. But, yeah, she's been great for tennis, and like I said, it will be sad.

But, yeah, let's hope everyone sort of gets behind her and celebrates her career the next few weeks," Murray added.