Barbara Schett gives thoughts on Serena Williams' final tournament

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Barbara Schett gives thoughts on Serena Williams' final tournament

Barbara Schett acknowledged that Serena Williams will likely be very emotional at the US Open but also noted that the 23-time Grand Slam champion "likes drama on court." Williams, 40, is set to retire from professional tennis at this year's US Open.

In a piece published for Vogue, Williams revealed her plans to retire from professional tennis at Flushing Meadows. All the focus and attention will be on Williams when she kicks off her final tournament. "I think it's going to be very emotional for her because she knows the whole tennis world is going to watch her," Schett told Eurosport.

“I'm sure we are going to be sitting there. If she plays a night session, we're going to watch it live, and that adds pressure, that's for sure. But we know that Serena Williams, she likes drama on the court.

She's very emotional on court, and she likes to have people involved. It's a show for her. It's entertainment for her out there, and it's not going to be easy to step out there for her. I'm sure there's going to be tears after the match, or maybe when the match point against her is coming up."

Schett: Williams wants the attention

By revealing her plans to retire at the US Open, Williams knew that all the eyes and focus would be on her. This week, three-time Grand Slam champion Andy Murray suggested he might just one day drop a surprise retirement.

"We're waiting for an announcement from Roger Federer. He could retire, maybe Rafa Nadal - they will all decide when the time has come, and I think if I would be at the calibre of those players that have won so many Grand Slam titles, I probably wouldn't announce it and just say it after my last match.

So Serena wants the attention, she wants people to be aware, and let's not forget, she's not retiring, she's evolving," Schett added.