Barbara Schett explains what she noticed by watching Serena Williams-Emma Raducanu

Williams suffered a straight-set defeat to Raducanu in the Cincinnati first round.

by Dzevad Mesic
Barbara Schett explains what she noticed by watching Serena Williams-Emma Raducanu

Barbara Schett thinks Serena Williams' serve is still impressively good but her movement is not where it used to be. Williams, 40, was out for a year before returning to singles action at Wimbledon. Since returning, Williams is just 1-3.

This week, Williams suffered a 6-4 6-0 loss to Emma Raducanu in the Cincinnati first round. Raducanu's victory was never in doubt as the 19-year-old dominated the match from the start until the end.

Schett: Williams' serve is still impressive

“When I saw her playing the other day against Emma Raducanu, it was pretty obvious to me that she was just not moving the way she used to move.

She was one step too far away each time. That's why she was coming up with a lot of unforced errors," Schett told Eurosport. “What I did see, though, was the difference between Serena Williams and somebody like Emma Raducanu.

Serena Williams when you watch her serve, I still think it's one of the best serves in the world, and I have to include the men as well. Her service motion is outstanding. She can hit so precisely. She can win so many free points.

Of course, it's not the serve that she used to have in the past because she hasn't played much. But when you look at her, she has that forehand inside out. She can hit you off the court. Emma Raducanu doesn't have that. I was watching Emma, everything looks very solid, but where is that one shot where you go like, 'wow, this is a real weapon'?" After concluding her Cincinnati campaign, Williams has only one tournament left on her schedule before she retires.

Last week, Williams revealed her plans to retire from professional tennis at this year's US Open. Williams won her first Grand Slam title at the 1999 US Open and that's where she wants to end her tennis career.

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