Serena Williams launches GOAT merch collection ahead of last US Open

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Serena Williams launches GOAT merch collection ahead of last US Open

Serena Williams’ fashion brand, S by Serena, launched a new collection of clothes tagged with the word GOAT (Greatest of All Time) before she will step down from the spotlights of the tennis world at her last ever US Open.

“It’s GOAT season,” the S by Serena team wrote on Instagram.

The tagline for the new collection reads as follows: “Rep the GOAT with exclusive merch for the whole family”.

What is S by Serena

According to the fashion brand’s official website, “S by Serena is a modern fashion brand that celebrates the smart, s*xy, sophisticated, strong, and stylish qualities of each person. On trend (but never trendy - there’s a difference!), approachable, and inclusive, S by Serena empowers you to look and feel your best”.

Serena Williams is not the only one in the Williams family to have a passion for fashion. Related: Venus Williams beats Serena on “fashion court” after exciting glasses launch Recently, Venus Williams became the first of the Williams sisters to launch a glasses collection as her company EleVen has partnered up with Look Optic to create a collection that will be available starting August 18.

Although Serena Williams’ S by Serena brand has more prominence given the tennis icon’s larger following, Venus’ EleVen has won the glasses race because S by Serena hasn’t yet announced an eyewear collection.

"Partnering with LOOK OPTIC and working with their team was a very collaborative experience. They truly understand EleVen's commitment to creating products that empower you to look and feel your best. With any product we design, we want to be sure we are delivering nothing but the best for our consumers - this capsule is no exception, and the final product is something I'm excited to not only wear, but see you in as well!" said Venus Williams.