Serena Williams' childhood coach reacts to Novak Djokovic missing US Open


Serena Williams' childhood coach reacts to Novak Djokovic missing US Open

Legendary coach Rick Macci thinks Novak Djokovic not competing at the US Open is "bad for tennis." This week, Djokovic withdrew from the US Open after he was denied entry into the States because of his vaccination status.

"I don't like it, it's bad for tennis. I'm not losing sleep over it but he played last year, COVID-19 was worse. He played the year before, COVID-19 was a lot worse. Now it's in the rear-view mirror but he's not vaccinated, they don't let people in the country, it's a joke.

It makes no sense whatsoever," Macci told TJ Sports USA.

Macci on Djokovic denied entry into the United States

After Djokovic pulled out of the US Open, American tennis player Tennys Sandgren hit out at the USTA, saying in an interview with L'Equipe that "they didn't try to help Djokovic." But Macci feels the USTA had no effect on Djokovic being banned from entering the US.

"I don't think tennis has anything to do with it. It's the government, you've got to be vaccinated to come in, it's unfortunate. It applies to, in my opinion, not only the best player in the world but many other people that aren't vaccinated.

That maybe it affected your business, visiting relatives or whatever it impacted," Macci added Djokovic is now missing his second Grand Slam in 2022. Rafael Nadal owns a record 22 Grand Slams, while Djokovic has 21 Majors.

Macci feels Djokovic will go down as the GOAT if he is allowed to play. "It's just front and centre because Djoker [Djokovic], who I feel will go down as the greatest player ever to hold a racket, if he's allowed to play tournaments," Macci said.

"It looks like if you don't get vaccinated, who knows where this is going to go. I'm not in favor of it and I think they should have made a special exception, but if they do it for him, they've got to do it for everybody."

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