Venus Williams reveals how Serena Williams is approaching US Open


Venus Williams reveals how Serena Williams is approaching US Open

Venus Williams has noted that Serena Williams is approaching the US Open with the mindset of wanting to win it. Serena, 40, is retiring after this year's US Open. In the US Open first round, Serena plays Danka Kovinic. Once Serena's career is over, she plans to focus on family and business.

"It’s still business, she still wants to play, she still wants to win, when she walks on the court she wants to be focused — so this is the moment now for her to do that, like all the other moments, and then when that moment is over, then the next moment will be here.

So that’s what it is," Venus said on US morning show TODAY, via Eurosport.

Will Venus WIlliams follow Serena into retirement?

Venus, 42, hasn't made any official announcements ahead of her US Open campaign. Some think that Venus is also planning to retire after the US Open but she just doesn't want to have a farewell.

Former 18-time Grand Slam champion Chris Evert thinks it will be very interesting to see what Venus does beyond the US Open. "Venus, nobody is even talking about Venus," Evert told ESPN. "I agree. It’s like, if you just set her apart from Serena and you look at her record and you look at how many Wimbledons she’s won and you look at grand slams and doubles and you look at the influence she’s had, and she’s been such a different personality than Serena.

And she’s not getting a lot of attention. And, I don’t know, I think it’s just interesting to me. Are they going to both retire at the same time? Is Venus going to keep going and Serena is going to retire? I think that’s an interesting question too.

What are Venus plans? She’s kind of in the shadow of Serena right now and nobody is taking stock of what her tennis plans are. But that would be interesting, too." On Saturday, the US Open organizers announced that the Williams sisters accepted a doubles main draw wildcard. The Williams sisters are set to play doubles together for the first time since 2018.

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