Serena Williams gets support from model Naomi Campbell after dog death

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Serena Williams gets support from model Naomi Campbell after dog death

After Serena Williams announced the death of her dog Lauerlei days before the start of her last ever US Open, Naomi Campbell was fast to react to the tennis icon’s announcement on Instagram. “Bond with pups are so special.

So sorry for your loss,” Naomi Campbell commented.

Serena Williams and sister Venus were once Campbell show’s guests

In 2020, the Williams sisters, Venus and Serena, appeared on Naomi Campbell's online show "No Filter with Naomi" and spoke about a wide range of topics - from tennis to their fashion skills.

When asked what advice Venus would give to aspiring tennis players, the seven-time Grand Slam singles champion Venus commented: "Do the work for tennis, and then let it work for you. It’s icing on the cake to get to the professional level, it’s not easy to do or easy to maintain, and it’s not impossible.

I would say get everything you can out of sports. Work as hard as you can, surround yourself with people who are positive, smart, wise, build you up, have your best interests at heart, and want to help you get where you need to get to.

So, when you do those things, whether you go professional or not, the game will do the work for you. You’ll learn so much." Serena completely agreed with her sister on the advice for the youngsters. "Mic drop, I couldn’t put it any better.

What you do and what you learn, it brings the discipline and the drive to do whatever you want to do. Whether you continue in sport or not, you have the elements to keep going in the world." See the episode in which Serena and Venus appear on Naomi Campbell’s show in this article: Venus & Serena Williams to Younger Players: Do the work for tennis and then...