Serena Williams recalls winning Australian Open while nine weeks pregnant

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Serena Williams recalls winning Australian Open while nine weeks pregnant

Serena Williams said she relied on her brain when she won the Australian Open while nine weeks pregnant. In 2017 January, Williams captured her 23rd Grand Slam title after beating her sister Venus Williams in the Australian Open final.

During the tournament, Williams didn't drop a single set. At the time, no one knew that Willams was nine weeks pregnant when she won the Australian Open. Some think Williams winning a Grand Slam while pregnant is one of the most impressive accomplishment ever seen, not just in tennis - but in all sports.

“I don’t know any other person that has won a Grand Slam or a championship in the NBA or anything else nine weeks pregnant," Williams told TIME magazine. “A two-week event. That tournament, I relied on my brain.

An athlete isn’t just about what an animal you are physically, like a specimen. It’s using everything. Your mind, your body, everything. And doing that for 20 years. And doing it against people that come against you and play the best game of their life.

Every single time. You can come to your own conclusion after that”.

Williams set for retirement

Williams, who is turning 41 in September, welcomed her first daughter in 2017. Now, Williams and her husband Alexis Ohanian are hoping to welcome a second child in the near future.

In the NBA, Lebron James is 37, having three kids and still going strong. In the NFL, Tom Brady is 45 and also a father to three kids. But it's not the same being a father and a mother. Williams highlighted that she is not in the same position as James and Brady.

“It comes to a point where women sometimes have to make different choices than men, if they want to raise a family,” Williams explained. “It’s just black and white. You make a choice or you don’t”.

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