Beyonce narrates loving video tribute to Serena Williams

Tennis – Hear Beyonce’s words about Serena Williams retirement.

by Claudiu Pop
Beyonce narrates loving video tribute to Serena Williams

Beyonce recently narrated a Gatorade commercial meant to honor the career of the retiring Serena Williams. The spot is called “Serena Williams. Love Means Everything”. If you need the transcribed version of the video here it is.

“When the world writes her down in history, we’ll begin where she started… at love. No points, zero score, just love. It’s a love that we’ll remember through the generations. A love that started a movement.

A movement to always love exactly who you are and who you can be. To be so in love with your identity that your very essence cannot be contained. To love the sound of your own voice and the way you move. To feel like a queen unapologetically with the crown indefinitely.

To cherish every muscle and every curve your body exhibits. A movement to always love being a proud black woman, a parent, a dreamer, a leader, to love being one of a kind, to always love being you, the whole you, the real you.

To always love you. So when we write her down in history, no matter who you are, no matter where you are, we’ll remember what she’s shown us: a movement to love you”. Gatorade described the video on YouTube.

“Serena Williams has shown us the power of love - for yourself and everything you do. Her self-belief has been an inspiration to everyone, but especially young women of color. She has started a movement - to realize that you can do anything if you have self-love,” Gatorade captioned the commercial.

Serena Williams thinks Beyonce is a genius

23-time Grand Slam champion Serena Williams called singer Beyonce a genius and an inspiration. Williams, one of the greatest players in tennis history, absolutely enjoyed Beyonce's performance during the Oscars.

Beyonce produced a song for the "King Richard" movie called “Be Alive, which was in nomination for the Oscars in the Best Original song category. Beyonce recreated "Be Alive" in Compton, on the same courts where Serena and her sister Venus grew up.

Williams absolutely loved seeing Beyonce perform on the same courts where she made her first tennis steps. "Beyonce is a genius. I think she is, obviously, the most amazing person and performer ever and I really liked her idea behind it.

Like to have the idea to come up and perform where we grew up," Williams said on the Ellen DeGeners Show, as quoted on Sportskeeda. "Because I went back and I thought, 'Can I even begin to fathom having such a superstar come back and do that at those courts.'


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