Tennis farewell letter to Serena Williams: "Thank you!"

Serena Williams has officially hung up her racket

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Tennis farewell letter to Serena Williams: "Thank you!"

Serena Williams has officially hung up her racket. The third round defeat at Flushing Meadows against Alja Tomljanovic effectively marked the end of the career of the greatest player of all time, twenty-three times Grand Slam champion and incredible style icon.

On and off the court. Serena played a heroic game after having given herself the luxury of adding the two to the series of victories before giving way to the Australian tennis player. Under the very strong voice of the WTA, the letter metaphorically signed by tennis for the US champion also arrived, who, as she confided in a press conference, she does not yet know what plans she will reveal the future to her.

For sure, next to her there will be little Olympia. "I don't know how to describe what I'm feeling. Right now I'm just happy with how my career has gone," Serena explained after the match.

Tennis's heartwarming farewell letter to Serena Williams

"Dear Serena, do you remember the first time we met? In a field with no lines and a broken net.

There was nothing but a canvas on which to paint your dreams: the dream of becoming the best tennis player in the world. You weren't like other children, you broke the barriers for other children, you inspired them to dream big to follow their own path.

Be exceptional, don't be the exception. You changed us too, right? Every day we have aspired to embody your resilience, your passion and your dedication. Every broken record tells a story about absolute dominance in sport. Your devotion as a lovely daughter, sister, mother, friend, model.

It reminds us that success can be defined in so many ways. Serena, thank you for everything you have given to this sport, the world, the people and your fans. Thanks for defining the size. With love, tennis!"

Serena Williams