John McEnroe identifies what Serena Williams' legacy will do for tennis

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John McEnroe identifies what Serena Williams' legacy will do for tennis

John McEnroe says Serena Williams' story will forever be remembered as one of the most inspiring sporting stories as he believes the American's legacy will improve inclusivity in the game. Williams, who played the final tournament of her career at this year's US Open, overcame lots of adversity en route to becoming one of the greatest players in tennis history.

Once Richard Williams realized that Serena and Venus Williams were talented for tennis, he gave his absolute best to ensure that his daughters would have a real chance to one day become pros. “Serena handled it a lot different than I did, her career lasted a lot longer and her career was a lot bigger, obviously.

Even though she’s an absolute legend and she’s the GOAT of GOATs, someone else will come along," McEnroe said on Eurosport.

McEnroe: Williams showed that it is possible

Compton, California, is one of the most troublesome communities in the United States.

But Williams showed that it is possible to overcome all the adversity, obstacles and become big and successful. “The legacy is that someone from Compton, California, which is a tough neighbour, an African American girl - let’s not forget Venus - this story comes along once every 100 years,” McEnroe explained.

“I’m praying that this opens the door for all people that a lot of whom can’t afford it, it’s the one percent. I hate to say this, I think it’s better in Europe and other parts of the world, but I don’t know how much better.

Now all of a sudden people want psychologists, and they need cooks and they need this and other things. It’s gotten too pricey so I’m hoping that what Serena will represent that dreams can come true. This story is incredible.

We will allow and hope more kids will be able to afford to play this great game and in 20 years we’ll see a lot more inclusivity”.