Serena Williams at Jimmy Fallon: “I should have retired 10 years ago”

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Serena Williams at Jimmy Fallon: “I should have retired 10 years ago”

During her The Tonight Show interview with Jimmy Fallon, Serena Williams joked about how surprisingly good the moment of retirement felt for her. “I was like ‘okay, yeah.’ It’s like when you want to accomplish something and you don’t do it, but then when you finally do it, it’s like, ‘Oh, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was.’ I should have done it ten years ago!

I’m just kidding,” said Serena Williams. During the same interview, Serena revealed who was the only person who knew she was going to retire at one moment. Learn more: Serena Williams reveals to Jimmy Fallon who knew first about her retirement

Serena Williams recently enjoyed a concert with her husband

Serena Williams and her husband Alexis Ohanian attended the concert held by Pearl Jam at Madison Square Garden on 11 September.

Alexis Ohanian shared an Instagram story of another concert attendee that took a picture of them, captioning it with the word “spotted”. Read more: Serena Williams hits concert of Swiatek’s favorite band with Alexis Ohanian Pearl Jam is also one of Swiatek’s favorite bands.

The world number one recently shared her favorite pre-match playlist. “Basically, it’s Thunderstruck, then Even Flow (by Pearl Jam), then GorillaZ, then Porch (by Pearl Jam), then Rock and Roll (Led Zeppelin), and I’m pretty scared to change it.

See the video of Swiatek describing her pre-match playlist: Swiatek is “scared” to change pre-match playlist because it got her to world no.1 Besides, Serena profited that the New York Fashion Week took place shortly after her retirement and paraded down for Vogue.

Vogue posted a video of the moment on their Instagram account. "Serena Williams opens Vogue World," Vogue captioned the short video. See the video here: Serena Williams opens Vogue parade at New York Fashion Week