Chanda Rubin explains how Serena Williams, Venus Williams changed tennis


Chanda Rubin explains how Serena Williams, Venus Williams changed tennis

1996 Australian Open doubles champion Chanda Rubin felt Serena and Venus Williams "changed tennis tremendously" and that their story was truly one of a kind. The Williams sisters, who are widely considered as the greatest sister duo in tennis history, combined for a total of 30 Grand Slam singles titles.

Also, the Williams sisters own a stunning 14-0 record in Grand Slam finals as a duo. Serena finished her career with 23 Grand Slam titles, while Venus has seven Major titles in singles. But it wasn't their success that was the only thing impressive about the Williams sisters as their tennis forced the competition to adapt in order to be competitive against them.

Rubin on the legacy of the Williams sisters

"I think they've changed the sport tremendously. You know, first and foremost, their story is one that is incredibly special. And I don't think we'll see that again in sport. It's not easy to win tournaments out here week in and week out, to have that kind of consistency, and they were able to do it.

Then you throw into the fact that they were so dynamic as players. You look at, you know, their games and how much fun it was to watch them. You know, they were aggressive. They were attacking players. They showed emotion, Serena in particular.

Venus was a bit quieter. But even that contrast made it interesting," Rubin told NPR. "And then they're going up against each other. I mean, now you're getting all these eyes on the sport. And the fact that they are two Black women at that point and minorities in a predominately white sport, it just brought so much interest.

And you have now a whole new demographic of, you know, kids and players who can relate and who are interested in the sport." Serena retired after this year's US Open, while Venus seems to be ready to continue her career.

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