Serena Williams’ daughter begins practicing soccer


Serena Williams’ daughter begins practicing soccer

Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian posted a picture from daughter Olympia’s first soccer practice session, comparing herself to a picture from the day Alexis started his soccer journey. “Today was first day of soccer practice for Olympia Ohanian.

Just a few decades later for me. Owning Angel City FC was her destiny,” Alexis Ohanian captioned the photo.

Olympia Ohanian is the youngest owner of a women’s soccer club. Because of this, Olympia is oftentimes attending the matches of Angel City FC, the club she’s the owner of. Related: WATCH: Serena Williams’ Olympia shies away from stadium camera.

During her appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show, Williams was asked about the tennis skills of her daughter. Williams suggested her daughter isn't bad at tennis but admitted there are four-year-olds that could beat her. “Are you asking as a mom or like an athlete, that athlete, Serena lady? I don't know if I can be objective, because I look at her, and I'm like, 'oh, that's ...[okay]' My husband will post this amazing video of her hitting a backhand, and I'm like 'That was a good shot but it's not her consistent backhand,'" Williams said on the Ellen DeGeneres show, as quoted on Sportskeeda.

Serena Williams won’t force Olympia to play tennis

"If she wants to play tennis, we gotta.. you know? But I am not going to push her, which makes my dad so amazing because I couldn't have done [what he did for me]. So yeah, she's alright but I've seen four-year-olds who might take her out.

So we have to get her in [training in that case]," she added. During the interview, Williams revealed she doesn't have the required patience to teach tennis. "This is such a funny story. I don't have the patience to teach tennis, I don't really like to play with people who don't know how to play tennis well," Williams said.

"So I signed her up for a private class, and I was on Instagram [posting about it]. Then the lady followed me and goes like, 'It could be me!'"

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