Sister prodigies with 38-3 record to replace Serena and Venus Williams gap

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Sister prodigies with 38-3 record to replace Serena and Venus Williams gap
Sister prodigies with 38-3 record to replace Serena and Venus Williams gap (Provided by Tennis World USA)

Call it changing of the guards or a simple coincidence, but a new pair of sisters are rapidly rising in the rankings and may become the ones to replace Serena and Venus Williams. They're called Brenda and Linda. Their last name? Fruhvirtova.

The older sister is Linda, 17 years old, while the younger one is Brenda, 15 years old. Venus is 2 years older than Serena. Nationality-wise, both Brenda and Linda are from the Czech Republic. Social media tennis content creator Bastien Fachan observed the good form of the two sisters.

The Fruhvirtova sisters have a combined *38-3* record since June 22, 2022.

  • 17 y/o Linda - 15-3
  • 15 y/o Brenda - 25-0

Linda Fruhvirtova on Serena Williams' retirement

Linda Fruhvirtova, a rising Czech tennis star, says that losing Serena Williams and Roger Federer is difficult for tennis, but she believes it is time for new players to enter the game and make a legacy.

Fruhvirtova, who turns 17 in May, is one of the game's most promising and brilliant players. Fruhvirtova, who is now ranked No. 130 in the world, won her first WTA title on Sunday in Chennai and is expected to be a top-80 player on Monday.

"This day had to come although we wish it didn’t," Fruhvirtova told the WTA website. "It’s like the end of an era. And now the generations are changing. New players are coming, like Alcaraz. I think now is the time of a generation change”.

Brenda is already placed inside the top-200 at the age of 15 and has won six tournaments on the WTA Tour's lower tier this season. Brenda is reminiscent of Cori Gauff, who was only 15 when she reached the Wimbledon round of 16.

Linda feels she and Brenda could definitely make some great Grand Slam results in the near future. “We can see that it (winning a Grand Slam as a teenager) is possible but I don’t think it is possible to dominate and win many Slams at age of 15 or 16 like it was in the past," Fruhvirtova said.

"Of course, you want to win the Grand Slams as soon as possible but I don’t care whether I win one when I’m in 19 or 20. I am just going to try my best and we will see”. Serena and Venus clashed in a couple of Grand Slam finals.

When asked about potentially playing her sister in a Grand Slam final one day, Linda said: "It would be pretty unbelievable. Especially for our parents, they wouldn't care who wins."

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