Serena Williams reveals what daugher Olympia told her after loss to Emma Raducanu

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Serena Williams reveals what daugher Olympia told her after loss to Emma Raducanu

Serena Williams reveals her daughter Olympia provided some great comfort following a heavy defeat at the WTA 1000 event in Cincinnati. In her final pre-US Open tournament, Williams suffered a 6-4 6-0 defeat to Emma Raducanu in Cincinnati.

After that match, it was Olympia who provided some words of encouragement to her mother. Williams then performed much better at the US Open, where she reached the third round in her final tournament. "Absolutely. Apparently, she was saying like, 'Go, Momma, I'm so proud of you,' and I was like, 'What?'

So then she comes back after I had lost in Cincinnati, she came back and she's like, 'It's okay, Momma, you just have to do what you feel,' and I literally wanted to cry. It was like, 'Do what you feel. Do what your heart tells you.'

It was the sweetest thing ever," Williams said on The Drew Barrymore Show, per Sportskeeda.

Williams on why she preferred not to have Olympia in the stands

Olympia was present during Williams' matches in Toronto, Cincinnati, and the US Open.

But before this summer, Williams preferred not to have her daughter in the stands. As a mother, Williams feared she would start thinking if everything was okay with her daughter during her matches. "I just was worried I'd get distracted because I would be like, 'Wait is she drinking? Is she doing this? She came to a match once, like super brief, and I was like, 'Oh my God, is she wearing sun cream?' It's nuts.

I would get stressed out and be like 'Wait a minute, oh my goodness I've got to serve. This makes no sense. So yeah, I've never really had her at matches until this summer actually," Williams said. Olympia, who turned five this month, witnessed her mother's final tournament.

Williams' final tournament was very memorable as the former 23-time Grand Slam champion received a great send-off from tennis.