Serena Williams tells how she met her husband

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Serena Williams tells how she met her husband

Serena Williams revealed she was annoyed by Alexis Ohanian when she first met him and tried to get him out of a restaurant. Seven years ago in Rome, Williams and Ohanian met for the first time. Now, they are married and share one kid together.

“So we were at this restaurant and, it was at the hotel we were staying at and I was in Italy and this guy shows up and the whole place is empty and this guy, like, really tall, he comes with his computer and he, like, plops down right next to us and he opens his computer and he starts typing, and I’m just like, why? I was so angry.

I was like, why is this guy here? And so we tried to get rid of him,” Williams said on the Drew Barrymore show. “You know, my friend was like, listen, there’s a rat over there. He’s an Aussie, he was like ‘Oh my God!

There’s a rat! (in an Australian accent) and I’m like, ‘Ya there’s a rat!’. and Alexis looks and doesn’t flinch, and I’m like, ‘you’re not afraid of rats?’, and he’s like, ‘Umm no I’m from Brooklyn but is there even really a rat there?’ I guess he always knew I was full of stuff.

And so then, that’s how we met. I was trying to get rid of him,”

Williams on the second time she met Ohanian

When Williams met Ohanian for the second set, she mistook him for a stalker.

That's when her agent stepped up and told Williams that it was just Ohanian. “I win the match, and I’m going home, and this guy gets in the car, and he’s like 6’ 5” and he’s big and I’m like, what is this guy getting in the car with us for? So I look over at my agent, I’m like, ‘Jill, what is this guy doing? Why do I have security? You need to tell me if I have stalkers!’.

I need to know so that I can be prepared, you know? Like, if something happens, I want to be ready! And she’s like ‘no, no, no, that’s Alexis!’. ,” Williams recalled. In August, Williams revealed in a post for Vogue that she plans to focus on family and business in retirement. Also, Williams revealed she and Ohanian are hoping to welcome their second baby in the near future.