Paige Spiranac gives sweet spot tips, Serena's husband likes it

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Paige Spiranac gives sweet spot tips, Serena's husband likes it

Serena Williams' husband liked yet another one of Paige Spiranac's instructional videos for golf enthusiasts. "Struggling to find the sweet spot? Just not hitting it right? Well I’m here to help," Spiranac captioned the instructional video.

Here are the main drills that Paige Spiranac's shares in the video:

  • Flamingo drill (95% of your weight should be on your left leg)
  • Pause-at-the-top drill
  • Push-away drill (if ball is pushed to the right your takeaway is too outside and if ball is pushed left your takeaway is too inside)

Alexis Ohanian appreciated Spiranac saying she's fake

Alexis Ohanian, Serena Williams' husband, loved another one of Paige Spiranac's recent Instagram posts, in which the golf influencer pulls off a bogey shot and acknowledges that most of her acting on camera doesn't reflect well on her golf skills.

Spiranac also admits in the short video that her cleavage is generous.

"Play a hole with me!

Par 4 at Red Rocks CC playing 360 yards⛳️ What course should I play next? Also get a lot of questions about my golf accessories so here it is!" Paige Spiranac captioned the video above. Recently, Paige Spiranac also amazed her followers with another video showing her playing golf.

Related: Paige Spiranac leaves fan "dribbling" with "cheeky" golf swing. Here are some of the reactions coming from the fans that watched Paige's new video:

  • "I see what you did there"
  • "Not quite the right camera angle… always interesting to see the swing side on, the left side obviously"
  • "I’d love to play a round of golf with you, but I think that I’d make a fool out of myself by dribbling"
  • "Put a shorter skirt next time"