Serena Williams feels "super confused" for not looking like Wozniacki

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Serena Williams feels "super confused" for not looking like Wozniacki

After Serena Williams saw former world number one Caroline Wozniacki's latest Instagram post, in which the Danish shows an impressive body shape for someone who gave birth about half a month ago, the American tennis icon felt "super confused" of why she doesn't look the same.

"I am super confused as to why I don’t look like this lol," Serena Williams commented on Wozniacki's post.

"Date night," Wozniacki captioned the post.

Serena wasn't the only one who noticed Wozniacki's amazing shape. Here are some of the reactions of Caroline's social media followers:

  • "Didn’t you just have a baby? How are you looking so slim and fit this soon.

    You look amazing. Watching you play rooted for you every time except when you played the Williams sisters."

  • "Just having a baby few days ago and you looking so awesome..that's great."
  • "You look amazing from just having a baby!

    I was a fan of yours when you played tennis."

Serena was also amazed by Wozniacki's abs

Caroline Wozniacki wowed her admirers when she revealed a post-pregnancy shot roughly two weeks after giving birth to her second child.

Serena Williams was astounded by the former world number one's physique. "Come on??? Wow," Serena commented to one of Wozniacki's latest Instagram photos. See the photo in this article: Serena Williams amazed by Wozniacki showing abs after pregnancy.

WTA player Nicole Gibbs was also astonished by Wozniacki's shape. "U and the crop tops within a week of birth. Get out of here!!!" On October 27th, 2018, Wozniacki reported that she and her husband David Lee have welcomed a baby boy named James.

Wozniacki and Lee became parents for the first time last year, when Olivia was born. "Family of 4. James Wozniacki Lee born October 24, 2022. Everybody is healthy and Olivia is thrilled to be a big sister," Wozniacki announced.