Serena Williams, among come back, migraines and Glass Onion

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Serena Williams, among come back, migraines and Glass Onion

Serena Williams covered many topics in her exclusive interview for Cosmopolitan. Former US player talked about rumors about her come back to the tennis court, her health - with reference to the problem of migraines -, her passion for fashion and Serena Ventures Serena told: "What will my relationship with professional tennis be like in the future? I don't know.

I will always have a relationship with tennis, right? So I'll keep it open, to be honest. It's a big part of who I am. I like it. I love the competition. And you always love what you don't have. So I miss it already."

Regarding health and the problem of migraines, Serena explained: "When I was younger, I always complained to my mother that I had a headache. I didn't realize until I was 20 that it was actually a bout of headache."

Serena Williams, including come back, migraines and Glass Onion

She the said about migraine: "Migraine My number one symptom was sensitivity to light, so when my doctor prescribed Ubrelvy, it quickly brought me relief.

I find that when I go to the doctor, I have a hard time defending myself. I talked to my doctor and it paid off for him. My doctor helped me once I told him what was wrong." Serena then continued: "Part of my next evolution is to focus more on my family and all my businesses and stuff like that, including Serena Ventures and my fashion line.

For me it's important to talk only about things that people are likely to suffer from." Former US player finally talked about his cameo in Glass Onion: "They originally wrote me in the script. They were thinking of me.

And I was like, absolutely nothing, cool. And they were like, well, would you like to? And I was like , why not? Sure. It will be fun. So I was really excited to make it. I couldn't say anything about it for so long that I think I forgot it, but it was really fun.

I'm glad it worked. It's obviously a great movie. Janelle Monáe does an amazing job. She's also a great cast. "