Serena Williams' golden heart with DoorDash: "To give back to Compton community"

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Serena Williams' golden heart with DoorDash: "To give back to Compton community"

Serena Williams has decided to partner with DoorDash, a technology company that connects people with the best of their cities. For DashPass Wrap, Serena designed a luxury gift wrapping package complete with wrapping paper, gift tags, and bows.

For each gift card claimed, DoorDash will donate $ 10, up to $ 50,000, to The Yetunde Price Resource Cente, which offers trauma-informed programs that promote individual and community-based healing and resilience.

Serena Williams's golden heart with DoorDash

Serena told: "My family and I are passionate about giving back to the Compton community because it has given so much to us growing up.

It is important that we care for each other and give back to our communities when we can. Giving back is very personal for me. I created the center with my family in honor of my late sister, who was always incredibly generous to me and the rest of our sisters.

She always made sure we never did without it, even if she did. I am thrilled to partner with DoorDash to honor that spirit of giving and continue to serve the families in our resource center. Mental health and well-being for any two people seem the same.

At YPRC, we can offer resources such as individual and group counseling that help people navigate their daily lives. I encourage people to remove the stigma of asking for help and seek resources to cope with the things that life means.

you on them." Kofi Amoo-Gottfried, CMO of DoorDash, said about the collaboration with the 23-time Slam champion: "At DoorDash, we are constantly looking for partners who share our values ​​to uplift and empower local communities.

So we are excited to partner with Serena Williams to launch a campaign that not only surprises and delights DashPass members, but also gives back to the community in a meaningful way. "