Serena Williams asked how she got into tennis


Serena Williams asked how she got into tennis

Serena Williams revealed she used to copy Venus Williams in everything and that's how she picked up a racket and started playing tennis. Serena, who retired from pro tennis after the US Open, sat down with familiar tennis faces for a conversation hosted by Wilson Tennis.

Billie Jean King, a tennis legend and the WTA founder, asked Serena how she got into tennis and the American tennis great revealed it was her dad and Venus that got her into the game. "I played tennis because my dad put me into it.

Venus played and I literally do everything that Venus does, or I used to. That's literally why I played and then I got pretty good at it and I love to win. So yeah, I just kept going," Serena told King, as quoted on Sportskeeda.

Serena Williams on what drove her in tennis

Serena left a major mark in tennis history with her 23 Grand Slams in singles. Throughout her entire career, Serena was constantly striving for greatness. "I love it, I love the way the ball feels against the strings, the sound!

I'm a perfectionist, I'm a pain in the 'you-know-what.' I want everything, I wanted to get better. Obviously, I like to compete, but it's more about hitting the ball right though. There's a sense of perfection I know I'm never going to achieve, but I loved the process of trying to.

I love being in the zone, I think when you're in the now and you're in the present, I play my best. And I hate to lose," Serena explained. Serena, who turned pro in 1995, spent nearly three decades on the pro level. Reflecting on her career, Serena said she had a lot of fun.

"It's fun, I think I had a lot of fun and it's cool, it's a really cool job. You get to travel the world and be on big stages and it's like you're performing. I can't sing so it's like the next best thing," Serena added.

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