Serena Williams recalls 'best Olympics of my life to this day'


Serena Williams recalls 'best Olympics of my life to this day'

Serena Williams revealed the Sydney Olympics were the best Olympics of her life even though she didn't even get a chance to compete in the singles event. At the time, Williams was a three-time Grand Slam champion but American women's tennis was so strong that Williams didn't qualify for the singles event at the Sydney Olympics.

Still, Williams went to Sydney as she competed in the doubles event with her sister Venus Williams. The Williams sisters, who captured the Wimbledon women's doubles title in the summer of 2000, cruised through the Sydney Olympics doubles event to win their first gold medal.

Williams recalls the Sydney Olympics

"Best Olympics of my life to this day. I didn't qualify even though I won the (US) Open. That's how tough it was in America, like everyone was so good. It was like Monica Seles, Lindsay Davenport, Venus, and (Jennifer) Capriati, it was impossible to break in, it was nuts.

And I didn't qualify for the Olympics in singles which was crazy. So I just played doubles and I was so happy because I got to go everywhere and I got to watch all the matches, I went to different events. I've never been able to do that since.

It was an amazing experience to just be. I was the only person happy to not qualify. Billie was the best captain hands down. I learned so much from Billie and it definitely helped. I remember it being pivotal in my career, and I remember how funny I was even back then I remember because I won the US Open after that and I just remember being so confident after that trip.

Even today, I'm not kidding, I was hitting out and I was like, 'You gotta move your feet, you gotta move your feet,' because you (King) were like, 'You can't just hit over it. You have to move. You can't be still.' I'll never forget that," Williams said in a conversation for Wilson Tennis, as quoted on Sportskeeda.

At the 2012 London Olympics, Williams captured her first and lone gold medal in singles. Also, Serena Williams enjoyed winning runs in the doubles events with her sister Venus at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2012 London Olympics.

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