Serena Williams praises Virgil Abloth on his anniversary death

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Serena Williams praises Virgil Abloth on his anniversary death

Serena Williams paid tribute to fashion designer Virgil Abloh, who died on November 28, 2021, after a battle with cancer. Serena wrote on Instagram: "It's been a year and I still can't put into words the pain I feel. Your touch on the world will live on forever and I couldn't be more grateful to have witnessed it and had the chance to collaborate with you.

I still miss you all the time. Forever." Serena and Virgil first collaborated in 2018 when the designer designed a Nike collection for the former US tennis star. After his death, Serena also said: "She has always pushed the envelope in terms of fashion, with bold and inspiring ideas.

I still regret not doing what Virgil told me to do. He wanted me to wear this long skirt with the crazy train, and then a cape with a train, and then I went out on the court. And I'm thinking: Virgil, I like fashion and I like to push it further, but I just don't think I can do that.

I just wasn't brave enough to go there out in all the red clay, and out on this train, like a Met Gala at the French Open."

Serena: farwell and back?

Serena has been the undisputed star of the WTA Tour, but also the queen of investments, fashion and style.

Williams is very active in fashion. Former US star tnnis she has now has her own clothing line and dresses of hers. Also, earlier in an interview, she herself talked about her love for fashion. In an interview with Vogue while she was pregnant with Olympia, she said: "My feet are really in this.

For me, there was only one thing I connected to the way I've connected to tennis, and that's been fashion give me a garmen. I can tell you what the fabric is, how it's made, why something can or can't be done because of the draping, et cetera.

Who knows? Maybe I would have won more grand slams if I had been 100 percent tennis. Here she slips momentarily into a whisper: I should have 30 already!"